Sustainability & Ethical Labor

Our Fabric


Our material is made from Econyl® which is a regenerated nylon made from recycled plastic. Here is the Econyl® process :

The material we use is Oeko-Tex® certified which means that the production facility is environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

Our Packaging

The packaging we use is compostable and zero-waste. It is made from corn starch and cassava roots which are natural ressources. We do not put greeting cards often and if we do they are made from recycled paper. We also do not put any excess packaging to make sure that the shipping process is as sustainable as possible. 

If you return an item, you can reuse the shipping bag that the item came it, which makes it even better because you can use it twice.

How to compost our shipping bags

Ethical Labor


Basically : Fair pay, a lot of holidays, bonuses and clean environment. 

Our manufacturers are based in Bali, Indonesia.

All of our manufacturers have ethical practices, they offer fair pay to their workers, give them 2 weeks of holiday per year, give them all of the national holidays off.

With that, they also give yearly bonuses to workers and have a safe working environment. It was really important for us to have a safe environment for our manufacturers and to not participate in the fast-fashion system.

Our manufacturers are female-run and have a majority of female working for them.  

Our manufacturers also have sustainable practices such as using mostly environmental-friendly materials and using eco-friendly dyes that are non-toxic.