About Desary

Desary (originally Desary Swimwear) was started by Arianne Sévigny. The brand is about keeping our core values at heart while providing luxurious products for our community. 

Desary started while Arianne was on the look for bikinis before a trip, she could not find anything that would fit her body, which was curvy. She then decided to start the Desary brand and that it would always have as a core value to be made for every body. "Every body is a bikini body" 

Our Core Values

Luxurious products for conscious minds.

Quality | Environment-friendly | Ethical production

About our manufacturers

Our manufacturers are based in Bali, Indonesia. All of our manufacturers have ethical practices, they offer fair pay to their workers and many holidays during the year. With that, they also give yearly bonuses to workers and have a safe working environment. It was really important for us to have a safe environment for our manufacturers and to not participate in the fast-fashion system at all.

Our manufacturers are female-run and have a majority of female working for them. Our manufacturers also use sustainable practices such as using mostly environmental-friendly materials and using eco-friendly dyes that are non-toxic.